MSX Computer ROMs

Game title Rating Downloads
Galaga 4/5 13,558
King's Valley 1 3.9/5 6,944
Kung-Fu Master 3.9/5 6,657
Dragon Quest 1 4.3/5 5,845
Mappy 4.4/5 4,974
Goonies 4.1/5 4,872
Pac-Man 4.2/5 4,768
Castle Excellent 4.2/5 4,712
King's Valley 2 3.6/5 4,571
Antarctic Adventure 3.8/5 4,187
Alien 2 4.4/5 4,018
Maze Of Galious 4.2/5 3,839
Castle 4/5 3,811
Burger Time 3.8/5 3,670
Gradius 4.7/5 3,543
Circus Charlie 4/5 3,308
Athletic Land 4.3/5 3,118
Eggerland Mystery 4.8/5 2,888
Twinbee 4/5 2,858
Alibaba 4.6/5 2,746

MSX Computer Information

MSX – one of the standards for the home and educational computers, which appeared in 1983. The most actively releasing MSX Computers were companies: Yamaha, Panasonic, Sony and Toshiba. The biggest distribution of MSX computer was in Japan, South America (there even were released 32-bit version of MSX-TurboZ with Z380 processor) and Europe (especially France). In the USSR, all the educational institutions and some universities have received from the Ministry of Education the Yamaha MSX 1, and then MSX 2 computers.

MSX Computer standard was jointly developed by ASCII and Microsoft companies with an objective to provide a platform for branded software, and it was based on Microsoft Basic language. MSX was designed by Kazuhiko Nishi – Japanese programmer who worked at Microsoft. He tried to do the only standard by which any company could build their own compatible computers.

MSX Computer was based on the Zilog Z80 processor, same as used on ZX Spectrum computers, however it worked at higher frequency – 4 MHz. These computers originally intended to use a conventional floppy drive and floppy disks with a capacity of 720 KB. Compared with the ZX Spectrum cassettes it was a huge technological leap – one floppy disk could fit archive of games, those programs that we would call today “office” and a full software development kit.

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