MAME 037b11 ROMs

Game title Rating Downloads
5 3.6/5 30,597
1943 4/5 26,051
Dkong 3.9/5 23,861
Pacman 3.9/5 22,778
Xmen 3.9/5 20,012
Mslug2 4/5 19,301
Contra 3.8/5 18,935
64street 4.2/5 18,885
Goldnaxe 4.3/5 18,099
Digdug 4.2/5 14,652
Kof98 3.7/5 14,126
Tmnt 4.3/5 14,026
Mslug 4.4/5 13,840
88games 4.3/5 12,095
1942 4.4/5 11,703
Mk 4.3/5 11,652
Avengers 3.9/5 11,639
Bublbobl 4.2/5 10,694
Outrun 4.3/5 9,988
1943kai 3.8/5 9,932

MAME 037b11 Information

MAME 037b11 is an emulator software, developed to make possible to play games from the old arcade machines on modern personal computer, smartphone or tablet running Android or iOS. The main purpose of this emulator is to preserve the history of games and prevent the disappearance of the old games. MAME is an acronym for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. The first public release of the MAME was on Fabruary 5, 1997 by Nicola Salmor. The emulator supports more than 4 thousand unique games and roms. However, not all of the games are supported by the MAME, actually playable are about 2500 games. Currently the leader of the MAME project is Aaron Giles. MAME 037b11 ported to many different platforms. MAME 037b11 was released on 16 January 2001.

Since the main objective of MAME 037b11 is to preserve the history of old arcade machine games, it is forbidden to make changes to the code and use hacks that can make the game work improperly or faster, at the cost of emulation accuracy. In MAME every emulated component is emulated on the software level for each registry and instruction. Therefore, in MAME emulation is very accurate, but the system requirements can be quite high. MAME emulates mostly old machines; games are running well on the computers with 1 GHz processor. By contrast, modern arcade machines are quite complex, based on a fast RISC processor, DSP math and other elements that are difficult enough for accurate emulation, and so these systems cannot run fast enough, even on the most modern computers.

Roms games for MAME 037b11 can be downloaded for free here.